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Dispensing Propane Safely – SPANISH VERSION 2016 Edition
Dispensing Propane Safely – SPANISH VERSION 2016 Edition
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Product Code: 9007-TR-13

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Dispensing Propane Safely in Spanish, Distribución segura de propano, is an employee training program that details the many tasks associated with the safe and effective dispensing of propane into several types propane cylinders and tanks. The program is organized into modules that allow you to select what material is covered based on your job responsibilities.

The first three modules in the program apply to anyone dispensing propane:

1. Introduction to Dispensing Propane Safely
2. Properties and Characteristics of Propane
3. Dispensing Station Equipment

Additional modules that can be selected based on job requirements:
4. DOT Cylinders
5. Filling Small Cylinders
6. Refueling, Maintaining, and Troubleshooting Forklift Cylinders
7. Refueling Motorhomes and Other Vehicle-Mounted ASME Tanks
8. Dispensing Propane Safely for Mowers
9. Dispensing Propane Autogas
10. Composite Cylinders
11. Retail Cylinder Exchange Operations

This program is also available in English in a two disk presentation, with the training video in DVD and all the training documents in a CD that can be ordered by adding item PRC-003510 to your cart. The training manual, quizzes and answer key in English can be downloaded by adding item 4469 to your cart.

Product Code: 9007-TR-13 2016 Edition