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DOT Compliance guide
DOT Compliance guide
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Product Code: 9032-SA-13

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This downloadable document is a compilation of all DOT compliance regulations that apply to propane marketers. The information available here also supports training and education in handling and transporting propane in accordance with DOT regulations.  
• Regulatory Compliance Guide DOT Section 2
• DOT Guide 1: Hazmat Incident Reporting
• DOT Guide 2: Alcohol and Substance Abuse (Drug) Testing.
• DOT Guide 3 Cargo Tanks: Attendance, Unloading, and Emergency Shutdown Requirements.  
• DOT Guide 4 Cargo Tanks: Delivery Hose Assembly and Emergency Discharge System Inspections.  
• DOT Guide 5 Cargo Tanks: Files and Records.
• DOT Guide 6 Cargo Tanks: Inspections and Tests.
• DOT Guide 7 Cargo Tank Markings Revised 2012.
• DOT Guide 8 Cargo Tanks: Non-Specification Cargo Tank Rules.
• DOT Guide 9 Cargo Tanks: Repairs and Modifications.
• DOT Guide 10 Commercial Motor Vehicles Annual Mechanical Inspections.
• DOT Guide 11 Commercial Motor Vehicles Driver Vehicle Inspection Reports.
• DOT Guide 12 Commercial Motor Vehicles Files and Records.
• DOT Guide 13 Commercial Motor Vehicles Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.
• DOT Guide 14 Commercial Motor Vehicles Pre-Trip and Post-Trip Inspection Requirements.  
• DOT Guide 15 Container Marking and Labeling for LP-Gas Shipments.
• DOT Guide 16 Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles: Employment Application and Driver Record.  
• DOT Guide 17 Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles: Qualifications and Commercial Driver’s License Requirements.
• DOT Guide 18 Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles: Hours of Service Rules.
• DOT Guide 19 Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles: Qualifications Files.
• DOT Guide 20 Drivers of Commercial Motor Vehicles: Training Requirements.
• DOT Guide 21 Emergency Response Information.
• DOT Guide 22 Emergency Movement of Commercial Motor Vehicle.
• DOT Guide 23 Hazardous Materials Employee Training.
• DOT Guide 24 Hazardous Materials Shipper or Transporter Registration.
• DOT Guide 25 Hazardous Material Shipping Paper.
• DOT Guide 26 Interstate Motor Carrier Registration.
• DOT Guide 27 Pipeline Operations.
• DOT Guide 28 Placarding Requirements for LP-Gas Shipments.
• DOT Guide 29 Railcar Unloading Regulations.
• DOT Guide 30 Registration Requirements - U.S. DOT.
• DOT Guide 31 Requalifying DOT Cylinders.
• DOT Guide 32 Transporting ASME Tanks.
• DOT Guide 33 Transporting DOT Cylinders.
• DOT Guide 34 Security Plans - Transportation of Hazardous Materials.

Product Code: 9032-SA-13