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Bobtail Rollover Prevention Program Downloadable Items
Bobtail Rollover Prevention Program Downloadable Items

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Product Code: 9069-TK-14

Preventing Bobtail Rollovers

While virtually all bobtail deliveries are safe and efficient, on rare occasions a bobtail will roll over, damaging the truck and posing a danger to the driver. Drivers can reduce bobtail rollovers with preparation and by taking care every time they get behind the wheel. Preventing Bobtail Rollovers is a training program designed to give bobtail drivers a greater understanding of the factors that contribute to a rollover. It also provides guidelines and tips on what a driver can do to minimize the risk of a rollover. This training program includes files for a handbook on preventing rollovers, a quiz and answer key and an employee completion certificate.

The topics covered are:

•Physical Characteristics and Load Factors
•Road and Weather Conditions
•Driver Distractions and Complacency
•How Will You React?

"You hit a home run with this module, as the CD included everything needed for a quick class on great material," said Rich Muellerleile, Star Gas Products. "This is the type of training I have been waiting for and I don't have to send my employees away for several days to get it."

This program is also available in a two disk presentation, with the training video in DVD and all the training documents in a CD that can be ordered by adding Item PRC-005505 to your cart.

Product Code: 9069-TK-14