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Propane Emergencies Scenarios - Scenario #9 Fire Involving Bobtail Delivery Truck

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Product Code: 9154-SA-15

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Downloadable Propane Emergencies Scenarios you can view on your tablet, smartphone or computer. The HTML5 converted scenarios were originally created for the Propane Emergencies textbook to describe appropriate emergency response for 20 different potential propane emergencies ranging from residential propane leaks and fires to major transportation- and storage-related incidents.

This scenario includes a bobtail propane delivery truck has been involved in an accident on a two- lane highway. The bobtail stopped at an intersection for a red light and was struck from the rear by a cargo truck. The severe impact produced a liquid propane leak at the rear of the bobtail truck. The propane gas has ignited and flames are impinging on the back of the tank. Two pressure relief valves (PRVs) are intermittently opening and gradually closing down. The wind is blowing toward the bobtail's tank at about 15 mph. The driver of the cargo truck is still in the cab, slumped down over the steering wheel. The driver of the bobtail truck is not injured and has offered to shut a valve that will extinguish the propane fire.

Download the scenario to review the incident overview, the action plan and additional factors to consider. The scenarios are not intended to establish Standard Operating Procedures for any individual emergency response organization. Each organization should develop its own SOPs based on local rules, regulations, policies, and available resources.

Product Code: 9154-SA-15