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Propane Emergencies Scenarios - Scenario #14 Barbeque Grill Fire On Third Floor Balcony of an Apartment Building

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Product Code: 9159-SA-15

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Downloadable Propane Emergencies Scenarios you can view on your tablet, smartphone or computer. The HTML5 converted scenarios were originally created for the Propane Emergencies textbook to describe appropriate emergency response for 20 different potential propane emergencies ranging from residential propane leaks and fires to major transportation- and storage-related incidents.

This scenario includes a resident of a four-story apartment building started a propane gas grill in preparation for cooking on his third floor balcony. As he waited for the grill to warm up, he received a phone call, and after five minutes, shut off the grill. When he returned 45 minutes later, he restarted the grill using a match when the grill’s igniter did not work. Once the fire was going, he noticed flames near the neck of the propane cylinder. Although he immediately turned the burners off, the fire continued to burn at the cylinder.

Download the scenario to review the incident overview, the action plan and additional factors to consider. The scenarios are not intended to establish Standard Operating Procedures for any individual emergency response organization. Each organization should develop its own SOPs based on local rules, regulations, policies, and available resources.

Product Code: 9159-SA-15