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Static Electricity Booklet and DVD
Static Electricity Booklet and DVD
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Static Electricity in the Propane Industry

Updated with DVD and Field Evaluation Guide.
Research has shown that static discharge generated at propane facilities can have serious consequences. Fortunately, the remediation of risk is manageable from an economical and human resources stand point. Last year, PERC funded a booklet that informs and educates the propane industry on static discharge, including it's implication for the propane industry, and corrective action.

Industry response to the booklet was very positive with many requests by propane marketers to include a video that brings some of the brochure's technical concepts to life as well developing a process for marketers to evaluate their own facilities.

This "Static Electricity" full-color, 28 page booklet includes all of these features and a DVD on the back inside cover that explains some of the more technical aspects of static electricity with a focus on propane plant footage depicting static electrical hazards; a written quiz so employers can gauge how well their employees understand the information presented to them, and field evaluation guide that includes a checklist to identify static discharge hazards at individual company facilities .