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One commercial mower uses about 1,000 gallons of propane per year. That's twice as much as a typical household. Landscape contractors across the country such as Sodfather, Stay Green Inc., Sebert Landscaping, Barnes Inc., and Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Ill., are turning to propane to help them save money and increase productivity.

Grow your own gallons during the summer months by building relationships with equipment dealers and by talking to contractors and grounds managers about the benefits of using propane-powered landscaping equipment.

Watch this VIDEO to learn about products to help you do that such as the Mower Dealer Toolkit and Off-Road Applications of Propane Engine Fuel Training Manual.

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Straight Talk Testimonials: Stone Mountain Golf Club Video
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Although renowned for its courses, the club considers itself a steward of the land first, and a steward of the game second. To support their environmental mission, Stone Mountain employs a variety of propane-powered mowers, including a fleet of riding greens mowers, reel mowers, and large area mowers. Watch this video to see how Stone Mountain Golf Course is using propane to power their machinery, as well as, make a positive impact on their environment.

Product Code: 5532-VI-15.

Propane Mower Incentive Program Brochure
This product can be customized with your company logo and address!

Use this 6-by-9-inch full-color trifold brochure to introduce the PERC Propane Mower Incentive Program to landscape contractors and mower dealers at trade shows and during sales calls.

Product Code: 009422

About Propane Video: Energy For Our Past, Present, and Future
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Propane is clean, American energy. This inspiring, informational video illustrates why farms and homes have trusted propane for more than 100 years — and why many others are now utilizing this fuel for commercial mowers, on-road fleet vehicles, and forklifts.

Product Code: 9137-VI-15.

About Propane FAQ Sheet
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A two-page PDF of answers to frequently asked questions about propane and its benefits.

Product Code: 9136-FL-15

Greenhouse Gas Emissions Infographic Bundle
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These free infographics illustrate how much propane reduces greenhouse gas emissions compared to conventional fuels in each market: residential, commercial, off-road, agriculture, and on-road fleets.

Product Code: 9504-PH-15

University of Louisville Adopts Propane To Advance Sustainability Efforts Case Study
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The University of Louisville Grounds Services Department uses propane-powered mowers to meet a campus-wide goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. In the process, they’re saving thousands annually.

Product Code: 6004-CS-15

Clean Propane Cuts Fuel Costs In Half For U.S. Lawns Franchise Case Study
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This husband-and-wife team transitioned their entire fleet to propane-powered mowers, reducing their company’s carbon footprint and increasing their productivity.

Product Code: 6005-CS-15

Propane Offers A Strong Solution For Small Operation Case Study
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A small, family-based operation out of Madison, Wisconsin is outbidding competitors by using propane-powered mowers.

Product Code: 6006-CS-15

Clean American Innovation: Exmark Manufacturing Co. Video
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See how Exmark teamed up with PERC and Kohler Manufacturing to bring powerful, fuel-efficient propane commercial mowers to the industry. Users report that the mowers are a significant improvement over conventional carbureted systems, particularly when it comes to starting up.

Product Code: 5531-VI-15.

Propane-Powered Mowers Solve Costly Fuel Issues For Connecticut Landscape Company Case Study
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Read how Russo Lawn & Landscape saved over 50 percent in fuel costs and eliminated fuel degradation issues during winter storage by switching to propane in this informative case study.

Product Code: 5512-CS-14

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