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One commercial mower uses about 1,000 gallons of propane per year. That's twice as much as a typical household. Landscape contractors across the country such as Sodfather, Stay Green Inc., Sebert Landscaping, Barnes Inc., and Forest Preserve District of Cook County, Ill., are turning to propane to help them save money and increase productivity.

Grow your own gallons during the summer months by building relationships with equipment dealers and by talking to contractors and grounds managers about the benefits of using propane-powered landscaping equipment.

Watch this VIDEO to learn about products to help you do that such as the Mower Dealer Toolkit and Off-Road Applications of Propane Engine Fuel Training Manual.

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Clean American Innovation: Kohler Engines Video
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See how Kohler Engines developed the very first propane-dedicated small mower engine. The closed-loop EFI engine includes an oxygen sensor in the exhaust, allowing it to constantly analyze the air-fuel ratio supplied by the engine. The result is a leap in performance over conventional fuels, including $2 per hour fuel savings over carbureted gasoline, and up to $1.25 per hour over after-market conversion systems.

Product Code: 6003-VI-14.

Barnes, Inc.: Lifting the Bottom Line Video
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Barnes, Inc. turned to propane as a solution to positively impact their bottom line. The business uses 28 pieces of propane-powered equipment, including 48- and 52-inch walk-behinds, and 60-inch riders. Operators have noticed that the mowers are more powerful, have cleaner engines, and produce more grass output.

Product Code: 5528-VI-14.

Forest Preserve District of Cook County: Leading with Proven Performance Video
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The Forest Preserve District of Cook County (FPDCC) worked with a local equipment dealer to find the right propane-powered mowers for their needs. The crew began testing two propane mowers extensively, monitoring their performance output compared with conventional mowers. While the crew is saving roughly $1 per gallon in fuel expenses, they are saving even more on decreased maintenance.

Product Code: 5526-VI-14.

Sebert Landscaping: Making the Industry Greener Video
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Sebert Landscaping made the choice to go 100 percent propane five years ago. After testing three propane-powered mowers for a year, Sebert fully committed to propane-powered equipment exclusively. The deciding factor in this changeover was knowledge of propane’s environmental benefits.

Product Code: 5527-VI-14.

Sodfather: Fueling More Uptime Video
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Sodfather Inc. turned to propane as a solution for shrinking margins on their larger projects. Since incorporating propane into its fleet, Sodfather has seen a significant reduction in their fuel expenses and downtime.

Product Code: 5529-VI-14.

Stay Green, Inc.: Maximize Productivity with Propane Video
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Stay Green, Inc. has invested in 66 pieces of equipment to run solely on propane in 2014. With these mowers, the company has noticed an increase in efficiency as well as worker productivity in the field. Additionally, the propane mowers have eliminated the anticipated downtime associated with gasoline-fueled mowers.

Product Code: 5525-VI-14.

Columbus Case Study
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Read how Columbus, Ohio adopted 14 propane-powered Exmark zero-turn mowers as a part of their Green Fleet Action Plan in this informative case study.

Product Code: 6002-BR-14

Propane Mower Calculator — Desktop Tool
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The grass is greener with propane. Download the cost calculator desktop tool on your computer to show customers how much propane mowers could improve their bottom line. Simply input a few variables and let the results speak for themselves. Use as a takeaway on sales calls.

Product Code: 5524-DT-14

Propane Mower Calculator — Worksheet
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The grass is greener with propane. Download and print the cost calculator worksheet to show customers how much propane mowers could improve their bottom line. Simply input a few variables, by hand, and let the results speak for themselves. Use as a takeaway on sales calls and at trade shows or events.

Product Code: 5523-WS-14

Business Case for Mowers Brochure
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This is a useful piece for anyone in the “cost consideration” stage of acquiring propane-powered commercial mowers. It outlines the options fleets have for ownership, including associated costs. It also includes case studies of real world fleets.

Product Code: 6001-BR-14

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